random shots
taken around the world ::: from the past and current century

bob dylan at madison square garden... excellent as he has been
in his recent years of live shows...

depeche mode, also at madison square garden.. the singles tour,
as witnessed with my friend ines

me stalking gwyneth paltrow at the roxy, for a party celebrating
beck and the fluxus movement.. saw manson and his crew that night

a picture i took of chris dowd, formerly of fishbone, and
sean kinney, drummer of alice in chains, and a member of jerry cantrell's
touring band, who i went to see that night, while they were opening
up for metallica at giant's stadium.. here we are enjoying the catering

post-performance of "the blue room" on broadway... tom cruise's
ex-wife happily signs autographs after performing in the nude
for part of the play.. valerie and i enjoyed

old phone, current crappy clock radio and a small, random pile of discs

a show to celebrate the release of shudder to think's soundtrack
for the very bad film first love last rites
on stage is shudder to think, trey lorenz (friend of mariah)
and steven bernstein of sex mob

the subway stop right outside my apartment.. random stalker photo
forget where i was going that night

kitchen table, which doesn't see much use, really
some buckley papers, valerie's cigarrettes, and a playbill for stomp
which i saw with prianka

a shot during the fluxus celebration at the roxy.. strange night

valerie, hiding in the subway...

andrew. thinking about his next car ride, or game of ball.

at the aftershow party for the first of 15 nights at the meadowlands,
for mr. springsteen. my first springsteen show. it was amazing.

from the finale of the netaid press conference, which my friend
dan lieberman of cisco graciously allowed me to attend, at the
millennium hotel in times square. wyclef, bono, quincy jones
and sean combs, who has skills but is not an accomplished rapper.

at the marc anthony concert at msg

david bowie, right before the netaid press conference
as he walks around snapping digital pictures

jesse, with his mottola approved salad. tommy said it looked good
when we were in the elevator with him. that was huge.